Saturday, April 19, 2008


This band released one of all-time psychedelic-garage anthems !This song, "You must be a witch" was listed in the mighty "Pebbles" series ,in volume 8, if i remeber well (the first ten volumes of the vinyl release of this series are a "must have" for all serious fans) which made them really famous among the garage fans worldwide ,several years after they broke up! Originally named as "The Weeds" , they changed their name to "Lollipop Shoppe" after their manager commendations , just to catch the bubblegum music fashion (and success) of the time!And as we all know well,music is business and so they did ! But their sound was hardly what you call a bubblegum band!An exciting garage-psychedelic album , which ment to leave a mark in the history of this genre!In 1971 they changed again their name back to the original one,"The Weeds" , to do a 45 rpm single.
Their singer , Fred Cole ,who had a big discography,before and after Lollipop Shoppe, formed in the 90's the "Dead Moon" , continouing from where he left , the mid sixties psychedelic-garage sound , using the great legacy that he carried from the Lollipop Shoppe days!


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