Friday, September 19, 2008

HORSE - HORSE (1971)

This is a heavy psych rock monster from UK. Originally released on RCA label in 1971 and , like a lot hard rock bands of this era , some of them featured in this blog , was overlooked or had no commercial use for the record industry .The great guitarwork of this album ,is obviously influenced by the UK psychedelic scene .In fact , the British psychedelic rock of this era , seemed like the next natural step of the garage-psychedelic scene.And even if the vocals needed some better touch (for some reviewers), still is a great album .Their drummer ,Rick Parnell ,joined Atomic Rooster after this album. A part of the missing chapters of the great hard rock British history I'd say...


Saturday, June 21, 2008


Formed in Cleveland Ohio in the early '70s , they released only one album in 1973 , which is an absolute gem!We speak for a lot of gems and lost diamonds in these pages and we have to mark some things.The most of them existed between 1966-1976. Most of the reviewers say , like in the Granicus case , that the public just wasn't ready for them and so they were a commercial failure! I'll say that seems that there was an effort for less "dangerous" hearings for the public in the days of Vietnam war! Acoustically AND politically!
Granicus are often reviewed as a band heavy influenced by Led Zep , it was even said that their singer , Woody Leffel , was to replace Robert Plant! But , the fact was , that Granicus were more dangerous than these commercial mega-stars!The great guitar work , influenced by the experimental psychedelic- progressive - garage scene , the mixture that gave the definition "hard rock classic" sound and the vocals of Leffel reaching sometimes a level that Robert Plant only wished he could , along with the lyrics about Vietnam , sex , dysfunction made this , we can say , true rock album.Yes , an absolute gem!


Saturday, April 19, 2008


This band released one of all-time psychedelic-garage anthems !This song, "You must be a witch" was listed in the mighty "Pebbles" series ,in volume 8, if i remeber well (the first ten volumes of the vinyl release of this series are a "must have" for all serious fans) which made them really famous among the garage fans worldwide ,several years after they broke up! Originally named as "The Weeds" , they changed their name to "Lollipop Shoppe" after their manager commendations , just to catch the bubblegum music fashion (and success) of the time!And as we all know well,music is business and so they did ! But their sound was hardly what you call a bubblegum band!An exciting garage-psychedelic album , which ment to leave a mark in the history of this genre!In 1971 they changed again their name back to the original one,"The Weeds" , to do a 45 rpm single.
Their singer , Fred Cole ,who had a big discography,before and after Lollipop Shoppe, formed in the 90's the "Dead Moon" , continouing from where he left , the mid sixties psychedelic-garage sound , using the great legacy that he carried from the Lollipop Shoppe days!


Monday, March 17, 2008


And if Sweden is famous for the disco queens Abba, as i said in the previous post ,Belgium is a country that is famous (?) for this cult band , "La Muerte",featured here.Formed circa 1983 they soon became a cult band often compared to Birthday Party and the Stooges!
It was their blooded,violent,speedy,destructive look on blues,garage and rock 'n roll that made them unique!Just look at their videos in their site and you will understand what i'm saying!This album , featured here , was published in 1990,and contains what La Muerte listens.Unexpected covers , from "Crazy Horses" of the Osmonds (!!!) and Kung-Fu fighting of Kirk Douglas (!!!!!) to Henry Mancini's "Experiment In Terror" and "Blues For Findlay".But all this blooded magic is there as in all the great covers they made (Lucifer Sam , Wild Thing etc) in previous albums.
And as i said: welcome to the terror's garage!!!This is La Muerte!!!
This is a de-noised vinyl rip.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Sweden is seen as the country of disco queens Abba.It is also a country with a long history in garage scene , going from way back in the mid-sixties till nowdays. Bands which became cult heroes , like the kings of fuzz , the Nomads and like Leather Nun!Formed in Goteborg in 1979 , they got their name after a stripper (as the legend says).I will notice that the spider on the cover of their first album featured here , is also called leather nun!They became legends shocking the audience by showing porno movies in their live gigs ,their attitude and their provocative songs (the song FFA is named after the initials of the phrase Fist F*****s of America) and soon found their way to college and independent radio stations and magazines worldwide. This is a simple garage-punk album , influenced by the Velvet Underground , the Stooges and the singing style (and the voice) of Lou Reed!But with their own attitude!Nothing more,nothing less!
This is a de-noised vinyl rip