Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Sweden is seen as the country of disco queens Abba.It is also a country with a long history in garage scene , going from way back in the mid-sixties till nowdays. Bands which became cult heroes , like the kings of fuzz , the Nomads and like Leather Nun!Formed in Goteborg in 1979 , they got their name after a stripper (as the legend says).I will notice that the spider on the cover of their first album featured here , is also called leather nun!They became legends shocking the audience by showing porno movies in their live gigs ,their attitude and their provocative songs (the song FFA is named after the initials of the phrase Fist F*****s of America) and soon found their way to college and independent radio stations and magazines worldwide. This is a simple garage-punk album , influenced by the Velvet Underground , the Stooges and the singing style (and the voice) of Lou Reed!But with their own attitude!Nothing more,nothing less!
This is a de-noised vinyl rip