Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This band could easily existed in the early seventies , because of their hard rock psychedelic sound and the vocals style of Brian Kild.It was their track "I think I'll die" in the third Battle Of The Garages which put them on the garage-punk map!This is their third album , a follow-up to the "Road To Peace" which Enigma records refused to publish because of the very low sales of their previous one,"Rest In Peace" (it was finally released in 1989 from Barred records)!Medieval Mosquito is a very interesting album with a hard-rock-garage-psychedelic sound with a great use of keyboards from Jim Hawkinson (he died in 1987 in a motorbike accident) and an also great guitar work of the Chicago Blues legend Honey Davis. All that , with the dark , violent and sometimes pessimistic lyrics along with Kild's interpetation lead to great result!This is a de-noised vinyl rip.


Saturday, June 2, 2007

KILLER UP! - UP (1967)

Formed in Michigan in 1967,they were linked to the MC5 , as they were in the same artistic commune (Detroit Artistic Commune , Trans Love Energies) and opened almost all of their gigs at that time , including the legendary concert at Union Ballroom which offered a contract from Electra records for MC5 and the Stooges but not for them!Often described as proto-punk (what about the Sonics?) because of their political attitude and their primitive sound (which , i think sometimes is very close to the Stooges sound).
In 1970 they released their first single called "Just Like An Aborigine".They were the primary musical outlet of John Sinclair's(poet,musical activist,manager of the MC5 for sometime)White Panthers Party along with the MC5 (they broke up later).After John Sinclair's imprisonment they released their second single called "Free John Now" , included in this comp along with Allen Ginsberg's "Prayer For John Sinclair" (the flip side of the single).The song became the anthem of "Free John Sinclair" campaign.They broke up in 1970 but they left enough material of their primitive "Detroit Rock" sound for John Sinclair to make this compilation in 1995.