Saturday, September 29, 2007

DEAD MAN - JOSEFUS (1969-70)

This is a hard rock classic!Many reviewers say that this band was heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin , but i think that all this psychedelic explosion of the late sixties in Texas (with bands like 13Th Floor Elevators) was the real influence! Banned from the Houston's club "Love Scene" which was much affiliated to the local big record company International Artist (home of 13Th Floor Elevators , Chaparrals e.t.c.) started playing free concerts until they got a record deal in 1969. They recorded a whole album then, but their producer Jim Musil wanted them to change their name to "Come" .The band didn't wanted to do so and thought that they'll convince Musil to keep their original name. He released only a 7" single (with the name Come) in his "Dandelion" label.Rumors say, that because of their name , Musil didn't passed them to a big record company! So the band went back in studio and re-recorded the same album which was released from their own "Hookah" label in 1970,named "Dead Man", in a 3.000 pcs pressing! The new recording was slightly different from the original (which was finally released in 1993 titled "Get Off My Case") because guitarist Dave Mitchell plays all the guitar parts (guitarist Phillip White left the band just before the recording sessions).For many , this album is the bridge from 60s hard rock to 70s heavy metal! Well , i don't know!Heavy metal came some years later , with bands like Judas Priest! But if you listen to Stone's "Gimme Shelter" cover maybe you'll feel that it's better and more powerful from the original!Not to mention the psychedelic-hard rock track "Dead Man"! As i said...a hard rock classic!
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After "Dead Man's" release the band started touring around Texas.They opened for major acts and were headliners in smaller cities.The road trips were increasing, the concerts were kicking but the band didn't spent enough time together creating music!So when "Mainstream" wanted a new record , the band was tired ,the members were frustrated and the album that came out , a self titled album , was a disappointment for all!The band didn't wanted to follow the company's plans for major concerts in New York and saw everything around them falling apart! They just played out their remaining commitments and broke up!But even if "Josefus" wasn't in the "Dead Man's" level , it was a good album from one of the pioneers of hard rock...


Monday, September 10, 2007


This is the Sire records edition of this legendary comp , originally released in 1972 from Electra records .It was released in 1976 in a double LP edition, just like the original , with the same tracks but different cover!Compiled by Lenny Kaye , music historian and future guitarist of Patti Smith Group, this album begun the sixties revolution (again) and it was the cause for many collectors to bring to surface hundreds of unknown garage,psychedelic and pop bands ,
revealing what was really happening in the underground mid-sixties!Later Rhino records made a ten single lp's series and in 1998 and 2001 four-disc cd editions followed.The 2001 box set was called "Nuggets II:Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond , 1964-69" with cuts from U.K. , Japan , Iceland And Brazil. In 2004 Rhino tried to revive Nuggets releasing two new compilations in a 7500 pieces limited edition , available only through internet. And finally released a third four-disc cd set named "Children of Nuggets:Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era , 1976-1995".
And as Lenny Kaye wrote in the liner notes of the first Nuggets:"This is the story of a transition period in American rock and roll of a changeling era which dashed so fast that nobody knew much of what to make of it while it was around...".But started a whole new wonderful sixties-based movement i should say!For many,this album is the bible of rock 'n roll!!!
This is a de-noised vinyl rip.