Saturday, August 25, 2007


This cd was released in 1996 from Ace records and it's featuring some of the best songs of the classic surf-era .All the recordings were made in 1963-64 and were released from Capitol , Imperial and Liberty labels in U.S. and from EMI in Europe , which actually owned those labels!Here's the story taken from the notes of the booklet , written by Alan Taylor & Dave Burke (editors of the rock instrumental magazine "Pipeline"):"In the late '50s the mega-stars of rock 'n roll begin to fade and the charts soon filled with soft pop teen idols ("the Bobbies" as Jerry Lee Lewis termed them),with some great songs , innocent charm ,but no rock 'n roll!Their soft pop was high on sales but low on thrills!So the new musicians turned to something more exciting:the instrumental rock .Their interest in the rock instrumental styling of Link Wray,Duane Eddie,Dick Dale , the Ventures e.t.c.They were linked to the surfers in the early '60s as the bands played for them (the popularity of surfing was growing at that time) and they begun to use surfing terms for song titles , a trick soon adopted by garage bands!
The regional success for such recordings was followed by national hits (
Wipeout,Pipeline,Baja) and soon every major label had a surf act on its roster."
I'm not a music historian , but i think that the major labels will always "manufacture" innocent and charming idols !There's no risk in it and their job is to make money! As for the surf music, is one of the purest rock genres and maybe the first in rock history with real electric guitars,as you will see in this excellent compilation!And still is...


Thursday, August 23, 2007


Vibrators are one of the longest running original punk bands!They were formed back in 1976 and in their 30-year career they released more than 16 albums ,not to mention the huge number of 7" singles,12" singles , cassettes and compilations! The great guitar work from Ian "Knox" Carnochan (he became occasional session guitarist for major acts like Peter Hammill) and John Ellis along with the tight rhythm section of Pat Collier and Eddie , made Vibrators one of the bands that forced a lot of music journalists of the time , to have a look over the new (in those days) movement of punk rock!"Pure Mania" is like that!It was released in 1977 , featuring one of the band's greatest hits , the song "Baby,Baby" .An album which shows the band's garage and pop influences , but so well performed!A real punk classic!
This is a de-noised vinyl rip.