Tuesday, July 24, 2007


One of the leading bands of the German rock movement which started in 1968.Groups like Guru Guru ,Faust, Amon Duul ,Can , Tangerine Dream and many more , created an underground rock scene which was not influenced by the English-American sound.This scene is known as Kraut rock and because of its experimentation and sound innovation became a major influence for thousands of bands!Guru Guru was (is) one of the bands that gave a definition to that term. Their music was highly experimental and sometimes with big dose of comic elements! As their drummer Mani Neumeter said when he was asked by a journalist if they play Cosmic rock he replied: No, we are playing comic rock!It was a band with many musical styles from jazz to pop ,even middle-eastern sounds (depending from the band's line-up )!This album , featured in this post, was released in 1972 and it was their fourth.An exiting experimental and highly recommended album ,a perfect sample of the first period of this great band as for the whole Kraut rock scene!


Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Even if they were part of the mid '70's New York's CBGB's scene , this band's roots were from Cleveland Ohio and the legendary band "Rocket From The Tombs" , which included two future members of the Dead Boys: Cheetah Chrome on guitar and Johnny Blitz on drums (the other two would be members of Pere Ubu).The Dead Boys were heavy influenced from Iggy & The Stooges , New York Dolls and the punk scene and their outrageous,wild and agressive live performances remained in history!They moved in NY in 1976 after Joey Ramone booked them for some tryout gigs in CBGB's.Six months later they signed a contract with the "Sire" label,already home of the Ramones and they relesed their debut album, featured in this post.A classic punk rock album including songs like "Sonic Reducer" , often reffered as a great punk anthem,"All This And More","High Tension Wire" .It was a real punk rock album , from the ones that the American music press of the time was afraid and misunderstood and didn't gave a lot of coverage and acceptance and , as a result of this, the album didn't perform the expected sales!
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Monday, July 2, 2007


Due to the low sales , "Sire Records" pressured the band the change their sound , look, even and their name!So, to do that ,Felix Papallardi (from Mountain) was brought , as a producer ,but it was a disaster!However , the album,featured here , includes great songs again ( 3rd Generation Nation is one of my favour)! But "Sire" seemed determined to "kill" the Dead Boys and when the band's drummer was stabbed and put into intensive care , dropped them from the label!The end came in 1979 when Cheetah Chrome cracked his hand and he was thrown out of the band.A few months later they will reunite due to contractual obligations to "Sire",recording a live album!Stiv Bators sung off the mic and the recording became unusable .Something like a payback to what "Sire" did to them .When it was released from "Bomp!" in 1981 , Stiv re-recorded the tracks in the studio!The Dead Boys were one of the best punk rock bands and these great albums , featured in these posts , made them undead!